How do I disable CSM UEFI?

Can you disable CSM in BIOS?

Find CSM under BIOS or Security menu depending on your motherboard, and double click on it. Click on 'Disabled'. CSM will now be turned off on your Gigabyte motherboard.

Can I disable CSM?

Once inside the UEFI interface, you must locate a setting containing the text “Compatibility Support Module” or “CSM” and set this menu entry to DISABLED. … Disabling CSM will disable Legacy Mode on your motherboard and enable the full UEFI Mode that your system requires. Save your settings and exit the UEFI interface.

How do I turn off UEFI mode?

How do I disable UEFI Secure Boot?

  1. Hold down the Shift key and click Restart.
  2. Click Troubleshoot → Advanced options → Start-up Settings → Restart.
  3. Tap the F10 key repeatedly (BIOS setup), before the “Startup Menu” opens.
  4. Go to Boot Manager and disable the option Secure Boot.

How do I change my BIOS from CSM to UEFI Windows 10?

Enable Legacy/CSM Boot Support in UEFI Firmware Select Troubleshoot. Click on Advanced Options. Select UEFI Firmware Settings. Click on Restart, the computer will reboot and take you to the UEFI Setup, which looks much like the old BIOS screen.

How do I disable UEFI boot on my HP laptop?

Use the right arrow key to choose the System Configuration menu, use the down arrow key to select Boot Options, then press Enter. Use the down arrow key to select Secure Boot, press Enter, then use the down arrow key to modify the setting to Disabled. Press Enter to save the change.

How do I disable CSM in Lenovo BIOS?

0:372:15LENOVO ThinkPads How to Boot from CSM & LEGACY USB – YouTubeYouTube

How do I disable CSM on MSI motherboard?


  1. Boot into BIOS >> Advanced >> PCIe/PCI/PnP Configuration, Change the “onboard Video Option ROM” from “Legacy” to “EFI”. Save and exit the BIOS.
  2. Boot system to BIOS again. Then go to Security >> Secure Boot.
  3. Disable the “CSM Support”.
  4. Enable the “Secure Boot”.

Jul 17, 2015

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