How do I contact Bitbuy Canada?

Is Bitbuy Canada legit?

BitBuy is the safest exchange in Canada, undergoing regular proof-of-reserves audits to ensure users' funds. It has a Pro trade platform for the advanced traders and an express buying option for the more novice investors that want to quickly purchase crypto.

Is Bitbuy registered in Canada?

Bitbuy is a registered money services business (MSB) in Canada under FINTRAC.

How do I report Bitbuy?

Bitbuy reports Simply click download and a CSV download will prompt. You can either provide these reports to a tax professional or account or upload them to quick books or another personal tax software.

Is Bitbuy a Fintrac?

Bitbuy is also registered with FINTRAC as a money services business in the virtual asset service provider category, and has a robust KYC and compliance program.

How do I contact Bitpay?

Website: Phone: Call us at 1-404-907-2055.

How do I fund my Bitbuy account?

Funding your Bitbuy account via bank wire transfer

  1. 1) Start your funding request. Sign in to your Bitbuy account and click on 'Add Funds'.
  2. 2) Choose your funding method. Select 'Bank Wire'.
  3. 3) Complete your funding request.
  4. 4) Wire Transfer Instructions.
  5. 5) Send your bank wire.
  6. 6) Upload your Wire Receipt.

Jul 28, 2021

What network is Bitbuy?

Bitbuy is a registered Money Service Business (MSB) in Canada under FINTRAC. We are proactive in regulatory discussions and have provided insight to several regulatory bodies regarding proposed cryptocurrency directives.

How long does it take to verify a Bitbuy account?

You will receive a response from us via email within 1-2 business days of submitting your documents. If you do not hear from us within that timeframe, please check your junk/spam folder.

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