How do I connect hive hub to new router?

How do I connect Hive thermostat to New Wi-Fi?

Go to the Hive app and tap on the Hive Leak Sensor. The settings icon on the top right is where you can change the wi-fi on the product page. You will be led through the process of connecting to your new network.

How do I reconnect my Hive to Wi-Fi?

You can reconnect the hub to your Wi-Fi by going to your Hive app, tap the Hub 360, Settings, Change Wi-Fi, and follow the in-app instructions. Step 6. Go back to 'Menu' in the Hive app, tap 'Manage devices' then refresh the page. If the hub is showing as 'connected' you're done!

Does Hive connect to Wi-Fi?

Our newest hub, Hive Hub 360 connects via Wi-Fi, our other hubs need to be physically connected to your broadband router using a network cable (provided with the hub) to allow you to control your Hive products remotely.

How do I connect my Hive thermostat to WIFI?

Hold the central heating button down on the receiver until the status light is flashing pink. Release the button and then hold it again until the status light is double flashing amber. In order to connect the receiver to the hub, you will need put the hub into pairing mode.

How do I pair my hive hub?

If you already have a Hive Hub just put it into pairing mode. To do this press the button at the rear of the hub for 1 second and release it. The middle light should now flash AMBER showing it is in pairing mode.

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