How do I add users to Hive?

Can you have multiple users on Hive?

The People feature allows you to grant other users access to your Hive home devices. Different levels of permissions can be granted to multiple users, who will then be able to access your devices while logged into their own personal accounts.

Can two phones control Hive?

If more than one device is using the Hive app, what happens? The Hive app and online dashboard give users full control over the last changes made. Hive products will reflect the last change received and can be changed by any other device.

How do I create a Hive account?

  1. Go to our sign up page.
  2. If you are signing up with Slack/Google, click the icon and authenticate accordingly.
  3. If you are signing up with your email address, then enter your email address and choose a password.
  4. Fill up the other details.
  5. Click Continue.

How do I invite someone to my family on Hive?

To invite someone to share, go to menu > People > select Invite > choose which level of permissions you will give this person.

Can I add another Hive hub?

Yes, you can have multiple Hive products in your home. You should set up your Hive products one at a time.

How do I re register my Hive hub?

Do you know if a Hive Hub can be reset – I've moved house

  1. Remove the batteries then turn off the boiler and receiver.
  2. Wait 10 seconds then turn on the boiler and receiver.
  3. Press and hold the heating button for 15 seconds or so until the status light flashes white.

How do I connect my hive to my phone?

Log in to Hive Account, go to Settings > Install Devices > Click 'Add another device' – your Hive Hub which is connected to your broadband router should now be flashing Amber..

How do I put hive hub in pairing mode?

If you already have a Hive Hub just put it into pairing mode. To do this press the button at the rear of the hub for 1 second and release it. The middle light should now flash AMBER showing it is in pairing mode.

What’s the difference between Hive and Hive 2?

The Hive 2 is the latest smart thermostat from British Gas that, like its predecessor, the original Hive thermostat , lets you control your home's heating and hot water using an app on your phone. It's had a tasteful makeover and now features a slick mirrored finish and interchangeable colourful shells.

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