How can I recover my ShapeShift wallet?

What happens if I lose my KeepKey?

In the event that your device is lost, stolen or broken you can use your 12-word recovery sentence to restore all of your assets. As long as you have a strong PIN enabled on your KeepKey, your device is useless in the hands of a thief.

How do I access my KeepKey?

Plug the KeepKey into your computer. On upper left corner of the screen, select “Connect a wallet”, then select “KeepKey” in the window that opens. In the next screen that opens, agree to the terms and click “Pair KeepKey.” Highlight the KeepKey you would like to pair and then click "Connect".

How do I reset my KeepKey?

0:311:11How to Wipe Your KeepKey – YouTubeYouTube

Can I use KeepKey without ShapeShift?

All marketing and business-related URLs now redirect to the ShapeShift domain, although the existing Chrome Browser plugin can still be used to access your Keepkey without creating any account or providing any information to ShapeShift.

How do I recover my shapeshift account?

Make sure your KeepKey is plugged in and connected to

  1. You should now see two options, "Initialize KeepKey" and "Recover Wallet".
  2. Enter a label for your KeepKey.
  3. Choose a PIN for your KeepKey.
  4. Confirm your PIN by entering it again.
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