Does Lenore betray Hector?

Why did taka and Sumi betray Alucard?

Sumi and Taka betrayed Alucard after believing he was manipulating them. In a cruel twist of fate, Alucard was forced to slay them both out of self-defense, a regrettable course of action that left him even more broken than before.

Is Hector dead Castlevania?

After Dracula's death, Hector contemplates that both Rosaly's death and Isaac's descent into madness was the work of the curse, and he successfully uses his power to nullify it. As the castle starts to crumble and fall, Hector decides to die in peace.

Is Lenore manipulating Hector?

Lenore uses sex to get Hector to vow his loyalty to her, and along with a magical ring, Lenore is able to fully manipulate Hector to do her will. She even creates identical magical rings for her sisters, so that the creatures Hector creates will be loyal to all of them.

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