Does Isaac save Hector?

Does Isaac betray Dracula?

Just as loyalty is paramount to Isaac, he hates disloyalty more than anything. Isaac killed Godbrand the instant he revealed his intention to betray Dracula. After Dracula's death, Isaac made it his purpose to travel across the world to kill the remaining betrayers, Carmilla and Hector.

Does Hector escape?

His mother despised him for his gifts, and his father sought to use them cruelly for personal gain. Hector escaped their abuse by killing them.

Who kills Isaac in Castlevania?

When Hector was forced to use his powers to save Rosaly from a werewolf, Isaac confronted him and the two battled. But during their fight, Dracula was defeated by Trevor Belmont and his castle disappeared. Isaac himself was defeated by Hector and left for dead.

Is Hector stronger than Issac?

While both Hector and Isaac are powerful, being as strong as Death himself, Hector seems to have a slight upper hand as opposed to his fellow Devil Forgemaster. In fact, Hector even defeats Isaac to the point of death on one occasion, and finally manages to kill him during their final confrontation.

Do Hector and Lenore get together?

As another gift, Lenore transferred Hector to a new, more spacious cell, and offered him books about vampire knowledge. One night, Lenore brought Hector a blanket and started to seduce him, eventually leading to the two having intercourse.

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