Does edmodo cost money?

How does edmodo make money?

Edmodo operates under a freemium revenue model, providing free access to its social learning platform with the option for users to pay for additional functionality and services. … Additionally, the Edmodo marketplace offers around 600 third party educational apps, some free and some paid-for.

How much does edmodo enterprise cost?

As mentioned, Edmodo is free for teachers. It offers Pro plan for school districts with at least 200 users that start at $8 per user and is based on annual billing.

Why is edmodo useful?

Edmodo is free and secure, and it offers services for teachers, students, and parents. It provides a safe and easy way for users to connect, collaborate, ex- change ideas, and share educational content. Teachers can use their online accounts to provide les- sons to learners.

Where was edmodo invented?

Edmodo was founded in 2009 by two folks from a school district in the Midwest, near Chicago. They wanted to compensate the lack of IT workflow between teachers, students and administration, and started to design the platform that Edmodo became.

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