Does EDID affect HDCP?

Is HDCP part of EDID?

The DDC carries two kinds of data: HDCP and EDID. EDID is the data that a display device sends to a source device about its resolution, refresh rate, colour space, audio format and so on, so that the source device can generate the required signal to match. HDCP is the copyright data.

Can HDMI cause HDCP error?

HDCP handshake issues can be caused by the HDMI cables that are used if the pins are damaged or the cable does not conform to the correct HDMI specifications.

Do HDMI splitters work well?

A splitter will duplicate a signal and send it out through multiple HDMI cables. … The splitter won't convert the signal to 1080p just for that TV. In theory you shouldn't have copy protection issues… in theory. You should be able to send any content you want through a splitter to multiple TVs.

Does Netflix use HDCP?

HDCP is required to stream Netflix from a device connected to your TV. …

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