Do turtles chunk load?

Do computercraft turtles keep chunks loaded?

Assuming regular turtles don't load chunks (though to my understanding, they do – they just don't necessarily keep them loaded), you can still deal with this matter yourself simply by rigging up a system whereby the turtle zig-zags as it progresses.

Is there a way to keep a chunk loaded?

The most common method of making sure that chunks outside of the Spawn Chunks are loaded, is using a combination of moving an entity (usually an Item) through a Nether portal, with a hopper in the chunk border between the spawn chunks or any other chunk that is always loaded.

Can you keep a chunk loaded in Minecraft?

When a player logs out or travels to another dimension, all loaded chunks will keep being loaded for 60 seconds prior to 1.9 or 10 seconds in 1.9 and above. Then, all chunks, including redstone, entities, and game mechanics will stop working until a player logs back on.

How do mining turtles work?

If a mining turtle gathers an ore that can be used as a fuel (like coal), then instead of emptying it onto the floor or a chest, the turtle keeps it and uses it as backup fuel.

How do you tell if a chunk has been loaded?

No, there is no way per se to know if a chunk has been generated in one version or another.

Do Mining turtles break?

Obsidian Mining Given a single diamond pickaxe, a mining turtle can break obsidian infinitely and at the same pace as normal stone without being powered. Mining turtles are also impervious to lava. This is useful for quickly mining large quantities of obsidian early in the game.

Why does my mining turtle stop?

New Member. Yes, this is standard behavior of turtles. Unless you give them a chunk loader – they will stop working when you leave them. And if you're playing singleplayer – they will always stop when you exit your game.

Does quarry keep chunk load?

Yes, a quarry will keep chunks within its area of operation loaded before and after doing its thing. They will only be unloaded when the Quarry block is removed.

Do chunk loaders need power?

Quarries have several advantages over Chunk Loaders, most notably that they do not consume any power and are rather less expensive. A chunk-preserving system involving a Quarry can keep a maximum of 25 loaded at any time. More can be added to increase the saved size indefinitely.

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