Do synchronized methods synchronize on the object or the class?

Does synchronized method lock whole class?

Yes, it will block the other method because synchronized method applies to the WHOLE class object as pointed …. but anyway it will block the other thread execution ONLY while performing the sum in whatever method addA or addB it enters, because when it finish … the one thread will FREE the object and the other …

How do synchronized methods work?

Synchronized methods enables a simple strategy for preventing the thread interference and memory consistency errors. If a Object is visible to more than one threads, all reads or writes to that Object's fields are done through the synchronized method.

Can two synchronized methods in same class?

Just to all clarity, It's possible that both static synchronized and non static synchronized method can run simultaneously or concurrently because one is having object level lock and other class level lock.

Which of the following class is synchronize?

ArrayList, LinkedList, HashSet,LinkedHashset and TreeSet in Collection Interface and HashMap,LinkedHashMap and Treemap are all non-synchronized. IdentityHashMap is also synchronized.

Can inner class object be synchronized?

There is no special relation between the synchronized methods of an inner class and the enclosing instance. To synchronize on an enclosing instance, use an explicit synchronized statement. It is a common mistake to try to use the loop index directly within the inner class body.

Can we synchronize a class in Java?

There is nothing preventing you from synchronizing every method of a class. If you use synchronized keyword on every method declaration that would mean that only one method of the class can execute concurrently.

Can static synchronized methods and instance synchronized methods exist in the same class?

Synchronized static methods are synchronized on the class object of the class the synchronized static method belongs to. Since only one class object exists in the Java VM per class, only one thread can execute inside a static synchronized method in the same class.

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