Can Indian work in Apple?

Do Indians Get Apple jobs?

Interviews with some Apple employees working at its headquarters in Cupertino, California, and other locations reveal that several thousands of Indians and Indian Americans are working for the company at various positions, a noticeable proportion of the 60,400 full-time staff the company has on its rolls.

Is Apple a good company to work for in India?

The work culture of the companies is rated at the top with 4.15 stars out of 5. As per the former employees, “It's a good environment to work” for any fresher or experienced employees. The salary structure of Apple is extremely good as per the employee's review.

How can I get placed in Apple India?

Applying for a Job at Apple Through the Apple website, you will be able to find links to applications for each individual position the company is hiring for. When filling out the online application, you will for sure need to have your education and work experience handy, as the application will request it.

Is it easy to get a job at Apple?

Apple is very strict in terms of hiring people, so you are likely to be surrounded by very professional colleagues. Your team will be well educated and you will get along with them easily. … One of few negatives is, that even if you get a part time job in apple, it is very hard and competitive to get a full time.

Does Apple hire freshers in India?

The iPhone-making company Apple is coming to India to hire Indian talents. There are reports that the Cupertino-giant, for the first time ever, will hold a campus recruitment session in the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-H) college in Hyderabad.

Does Apple require a degree?

Now, prominent companies such as Google and Apple are hiring employees who have the skills required to get jobs done, with or without a degree. Glassdoor found firms like Google, Apple, and IBM don't require a college degree to land a job.

Does Apple require a college degree?

Apple is one of several corporations that doesn't require a college diploma for certain jobs, along with Google, IBM, Bank of America, and Hilton, according to Glassdoor. … "So we've never really thought that a college degree was the thing that you had to do well," said Cook.

Does TCS hire from IIM?

making the most of the slack on the b-school beat, the nearly $1 billion it services and consulting company has lapped up 52 iim graduates, the largest number it has ever hired in a single year and the highest intake among all it companies this year. tcs had made just 10 iim placements last year.

Does Google come to IIM?

Google, too, has hired across different profiles like industry manager, account manager and account strategist from IIM-C this year.

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