Can Impala replace hive?

Is Impala same as Hive?

Impala is written in C++ and Java. Impala uses the same syntax as Hive and provides the necessary abstraction to perform SQL-like queries without worrying about the low-level APIs in Java or C++, which run the query execution.

What is the difference between Cloudera Impala and Hive?

Basically, in Hive every query has the common problem of a “cold start”. Impala avoids any possible startup overheads, being a native query language. However, that are very frequently and commonly observed in MapReduce based jobs.

What is cold start problem in Hive?

In Hive, every query suffers this “cold start” problem. In contrast, Impala daemon processes are started at boot time, and thus are always ready to execute a query. Hadoop reuses JVM instances to reduce the startup overhead partially. However, it also introduces another problem when large heaps are in use.

Is bigdata dead?

The Era of Big Data passed away on June 5, 2019, with the announcement of Tom Reilly's upcoming resignation from Cloudera and subsequent market capitalization drop. … Big Data is no longer part of the breathless hype cycle of infinite growth but is now an established technology.

Is Hadoop going away?

Although the adoption might decline, Hadoop is not going to disappear since it can still be used for abundant data storage if not for analytics. The coming years might witness enterprises using hybrid methods for data storage and analytics by leveraging both cloud-based and on-premise infrastructures.

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