Can I rename loom videos?

How do you organize a loom video?

To create a new folder, select New Folder at the top right corner in your Library. To add videos to a folder you can either click on the folder icon below your video (after clicking on the video to open its share page), or by simply dragging and dropping your video in your Library.

Where do loom videos get stored?

Every video you record with Loom is saved in your Personal Library. All videos in your Personal Library are only visible to you unless you share their links with someone else. They are not viewable by others unless you intentionally share the video links or move the video to your Team Library.

Can you save loom videos as MP4?

When you download a Loom, it is downloaded in the . MP4 format.

How do you recover a deleted loom video?

It is possible to restore videos and folders to their original location.

  1. In your Archived page, select the items you'd like to restore, click the three dots menu and select Unarchive.
  2. The items you've chosen will now appear in your Personal Library once again.

How do you rename a video recording?

Point to a recording and click the More button to view additional options. Click Rename recording. Click the current name and enter a new name or description, and then click Save.

Why can you only record 5 minutes on Loom?

What happens when my team or I hit my 25 video limit on the Starter plan? Our free Starter plan has a limit of 25 videos per member. To record more than 25 most videos, you will need to delete videos or upgrade to a Business plan. … When the timer reaches 0 your recording will stop and create a 5-minute Loom video.

Can I delete my loom account?

Go to your personal account settings and scroll down to Delete my account. Click Delete this account. You'll be taken into a confirmation flow to confirm that you want to delete your account.

Can I rename my YouTube video?

Thankfully, Youtube lets you edit the description, title, or thumbnail, of your videos whenever you want. You can make changes to your video using the video's Info and Settings page. Go to your channel's Video Manager. … Find the video you want to edit, then click 'Edit' under the video title.

How can I add my name on a video?

1:533:26Adding TEXT to video – How To do it Quick & Easy [TUTORIAL] – YouTubeYouTube

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