Can I get Screencastify for free?

Do you need an account for Screencastify?

The folks who view your videos do not need their own Screencastify account. Share a Google Drive link: Once you're done recording, the video will pop out in a new tab. … This will automatically update sharing settings so that anyone with the link can view the video – magic!

Can students install Screencastify on Chromebooks?

It also supports desktop capturing, allowing you to record anything on your screen (not just tabs). Screencastify does not depend on any external software (like Java, Flash or other plugins). So it also runs on Chromebooks and on any desktop or laptop with camera and microphone.

How do I get rid of Screencastify?

How do I uninstall Screencastify?

  1. Right-click the extension icon ( ) in your browser.
  2. Select Remove from Chrome.
  3. A pop up box will appear asking if you wish to cancel or Remove, click Remove.

How do I download Screencastify?

0:000:34Installing Screencastify – YouTubeYouTube

Can students get Screencastify?

Students won't need a Screencastify account or the Screencastify extension installed to make a video. They'll use their school Google account to sign in and record 🚀. … Students can also download the video or share it to Google Classroom.

How do I get students to use Screencastify?

Having Students Submit a Reflection with their Screencastify Submit Video

  1. Click on "Share video to Classroom"
  2. Choose class.
  3. Choose assignment.
  4. Click "Go"
  5. Click "Attach"
  6. Click "View Assignment"
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