Are top fans necessary?

Do I need top PC fans?

Ideally, cool air should come from the front/bottom of your PC while the hot air escapes from the top/rear. Remember that hot air rises! Need some fans for your next build? … Having at least one intake and one exhaust fan should provide a substantial temperature decrease versus having no fans at all.

Are case fans really necessary?

Yes, you need case fans. Preferably 2. Pull in cool air from outside, blow hot air out the back. Air and heat movement, not just blowing air around.

Do fans do anything?

Myth: Fans Keep a Room Cool By moving air over your skin, a fan can lower your body temperature, but will do nothing for the heat inside a room. So if you're not in the room, you're just wasting energy by leaving the fan on.

Is 1000 RPM enough for a case fan?

The higher the RPM, the more noisier it is. It's also better for a cool build. A 1000rpm fan is a bit low, as most standard case fans are anywhere from 1400-1600rpm, and you'd use a 1000rpm fan for a non-intensive work or leisure computer.

Is it OK to have no exhaust fans?

Yes, you need exhaust fan(s) as well. You want to move air through the case, not just blow it around inside.

Is no exhaust fan bad?

It is worth checking if your BIOS has options to shut down the PC based on the temperature of the CPU. This means if you do decide to run without the exhaust fan then your PC would shut itself down if things were getting too hot preventing damage to the components.

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